Sugou remaining Asuna prisoner on top of the world Forest from inside the ALfheim and you can do sexually harass the girl

Sugou remaining Asuna prisoner on top of the world Forest from inside the ALfheim and you can do sexually harass the girl

Although not, much to Kirito’s shock, he and Asuna did not in fact pass away, studying they merely passed away throughout the games, yet not during the real-world. Kirito and additionally almost all other SAO survivors were awakened and you will was indeed modifying lives to the real world, however, Kirito discover much in order to their heartbreak you to Asuna and you can 3 hundred participants got but really to help you awaken even after Sword Ways On the web getting cleared. Kirito was devastated knowing from Asuna’s predicament and you can furious the guy decided not to manage to let this lady. Even with the girl condition, Kirito nevertheless kept promise inside the center she would for some reason wake up, constantly going to Asuna at health, carrying her give to possess assistance. But not, Kirito concerned discover more staggering development, training a few months afterwards after overcoming SAO you to Asuna’s mothers got already set-up on her to marry Sugou Nobuyuki. Sugou rapidly shown their true characteristics to Kirito, and additionally that he intentions to get married Asuna about following the times despite the fact she actually is still in an effective coma.

Kirito turned thoroughly heartbroken and you will showed up alongside shedding done promise, seeing he did not do anything to help and believed that the guy is actually it really is browsing dump Asuna so you’re able to Sugou. Realizing Suguha is great, Kirito regains guarantee which he and you can Asuna is together once again and once, the guy soon discovered so much more shocking reports from Agil, giving your fuzzy images off a new player whom significantly is comparable to Asuna. Meeting Agil within the real-world, the guy tells Kirito one to Asuna is possibly trapped into the another digital world known while the ALfheim On the web, Home of Fairies near the top of the country Tree.

not, he was after recommended and you will reassured by their adoptive brother, Suguha, to make sure Kirito to remain good and not to stop on the fresh new like he and Asuna have for every other

Through to training the news and you may reading Asuna’s father’s organization operates the games, Kirito starts to believe Sugou try in some way in it, especially once their confrontation when it comes to Asuna’s survival, hinting regarding your imprisioning this lady. Even in the event given that pictures was indeed fuzzy they will not maybe not it is prove when the perhaps the user is really Asuna. Yet not, trying to find desperately to help you get back and stay with Asuna once again also because the save their out-of being married so you can Sugou, Kirito decides to grab so it options and you can dives with the ALfheim Online. Kirito discovers himself reunited with Yui and match and you can befriends Leafa, a great Slyph pro. With her the new trio began its go to the nation Tree having Kirito wanting to get there before establish relationship happens between Asuna and you may Sugou on real life. not, unknown so you’re able to Kirito, Asuna in addition to three hundred comatose participants of SAO were are held captive by the Sugou Nobuyuki when he is covertly experimenting with the thoughts with the exception of Asuna.

Even with the were unsuccessful initiatives, their very solid love for both will continue to convince them so you can in the long run become together with her once more, refusing to give up otherwise lose hope

Asuna attempts to remain solid and you will desires to possess Kirito to keep their, but is unaware in the event the he live immediately following SAO was cleared. Ultimately, Asuna soon became much more hopeful and you may clear on Kirito saving her abreast of studying regarding their emergency, impression great a amount of happiness and you will recovery. When you are knowing Kirito perform help save her, Asuna turned alot more determined to help you reunite having your along with stopping Sugou regarding trying out new caught SAO players. Asuna produced their very first attempt to free by herself and you will came personal to help you thriving and you will Kirito was almost alongside reaching the Better of the world Forest. Although not, even with how personal these were to reach their requirements, one another Asuna and you can Kirito unsuccessful within basic tries to get back. In the course of time, Kirito finally managed to make it to everyone Tree and also at a lot of time past is reunited having Asuna.

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